RESPECT then Responsibility then Rights
is an online blog using WordPress. TheRCode was initiated here.
It is still used as a reference site by many other internet groups.
The posts that are on this site will be updated and moved to TheRCode in rBook below.

RESPECT then Responsibility then Rights is being updated and rearranged as an eBook.
This is a work-in-progress and would benefit from the input by other Authors.
The online rBook System facilitates the addition and editing of Pages and Chapters
by Authors anywhere in the world. Jude will welcome new Registrations.
Contact: jude DOT hope AT optusnet DOT com DOT au

QuickBusOffice Online System
THE Paperless, online, secure, comprehensive and FREE OFFICE SYSTEM
for any Bus Operator. Provides Daily Operations Screen, Driver Runsheets and
Customer: Quotes, Invoices, Statements for Charters, Urban ans School runs.
There is a complete operating DEMO system as well as the abilty to register for a
fully functional office system with individual database and backup processes.
Contact: quickbus77 AT gmail DOT com

rGolf - The Eclectic Tracker
rGolf is an Eclectic LeaderBoard for Golf Groups of any kind who wish to get
a group of people (from 4 upwards) together to keep track of any 9-hole round
of golf that is scored with strokes. The winner can be decided by the best nett
aggregate score after a number of months or games.
Contact: ianm dot mob at gmail dot com

Welcome to our website, Keep Safe,
The Impala Team
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