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rGolf - The Eclectic Tracker - is a quickref, online (web-based) system for recording 9-hole golf games over an extended time frame to establish aggregate best scores per hole.

This system is intended to be used by any group of people who may care to establish a wager to see who can establish the best aggregate 9-hole score over a number of games on ANY specified courses.

A few of the active rGolf sites are listed below with Log In Tags (click on).
Other ImpalaDMS websites are listed for your information.

Thank you for visiting, Keep safe, ImpalaDMS support team.

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rGolf Groups available for Public Access :

--- The Meadowbrook Wed Club ---
--- Royal Birkdale Hackers ---

If you would like to have an Eclectic Scoring Group of your own
Please contact buswise77 at optusnet dot com dot au OR ianm dot mob @ gmail dot com

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This is the solution for personal happiness and DIGNITY:
RESPECT then Responsibility then Rights.

Respect and Dignity is the basis for re-establishing peace and happiness on the planet.
The prevalence of GREED (for POWER and RICHES) , the lack of Justice and the
incompetence (and GREED) of Politicians across the planet will be our Armageddon.

RESPECT then Responsibility then Rights

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The Online, Paperless Office for all Bus Operators:

Free usage for Businesses with less than 6 buses.
60 Free Trial for any user. The complete Online Office. Registration onsite.
Includes Driver RunSheets, Daily Operations Diary, Customer Accounting.
Site data backups can be downloaded to your own computer
Can be operated from any device with a web browser capability.

QuickBus Office - Live AND Demo sites.

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The Co-operative creation of books for pubication:

Provides a platfoem where anyone is welcome to SignUp and provide input to a book in progress.
Contributors can be anywhere in the world and can view additional material immediately.
When complete rBook provides options for printing manuscripts, online books or hardcopy.
Site data backups can be downloaded to your own computer on request.

Can be operated from any device with a web browser capability.

Book Writers Club

About ImpalaDMS :


Impalla was started in 2001 as an Inhouse Computer System to provide up-to-date information to the Operations Department of a Bus Company in the form of a DailyDiary. This enabled rapid and accurate resolution for the many situations which arise. Particularly with School Routes. QuickBus developed from that system to provide a PAPERLESS OFFICE solution which included the complete management of Bookings for Tours, Charters and similar. By disciplining the information gathered QuickBus provides a VERY POWERFUL DailyDiary for Daily Operations as well as Customer Accounting and all required DOCUMENTATION for the OFFICE.

Hard copy is not necessary but can be printed. The system can be operated and referenced via a SmartPhone, Tablet or NoteBook or any device which runs a normal browser connected to the Internet.

A completely NEW event driven system is under development. QB3 (QuickBusOffice) will be available for beta testing by our users in late 2022.
The new QB3 will function on all existing customer databases. There will be no changes required to the data!! Just easier management of that data. And more online information from that data.
Keep safe, ianm 6/4/22

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For ANY further information. Suggestions Welcomed.

eMail to: buswise77 at
ianm dot mob at gmail dot com